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Exercise For Slim Body at Home, no exercise necessary…

Hi everyone so I am here to tell you my first month update with Herbalife so so far in one month I have lost 4kg and I’m very proud of myself for that and I am just gonna keep going but so for my first update it just gonna tell you a couple things so one I’ve been doing my shakes in the morning then a shake at lunch and a meal for dinner and now I was doing like chicken and steamed broccoli or steamed carrots for a dinner but it was just getting so boring and I was getting a bit sick of the chicken

Still enjoy your favourite food…

that I switched to just frozen meals because really you can eat whatever you want it there’s no like rule like oh you need to eat this for dinner and this per dinner I mean they say like eat protein and eat vegetables and stuff so I just started buying the Lean Cuisines or the smart ones and those have been working for me and I’ve just added steamed vegetables on the side like sometimes they come with vegetables I just add a little bit more just so I’m not eating so much junk like on the side because you are sometimes still hungry after you eat those and then after I work out so I normally work out at night for about an hour or more just depending at the beginning of the month I was only doing 30 minutes then it went to 45 minutes and now it’s an hour or even more than an hour now and after I work out I look I give myself some almond so these are just plain boring almonds these are the Blue Diamond brand and a fiber 190 calories bar this is sorry someone’s walking around upstairs but I’m gonna keep filming um these are the cinnamon coffee cakes and these are literally delicious don’t buy the chocolate ones unless you like the taste of fake chocolate these are so good I could eat the whole box but I only let myself have one and then another bar.

Exercise For Slim Body at Home herbalife nz

that I recently found I’ve really been enjoying the fiber one this is the fiber one oats and strawberries I’m actually out but I have the Box these are really good the chocolate on here doesn’t taste fake and they just ask me so for a snack I would have one of these with either banana or almonds and then excuse me my other bar that I really like are the protein these are Special K protein honey no almond honey oat granola it’s how it looked like a different word so sorry um these are really good these like satisfy that sweet but also kind of tie you over to your next meal and I also again ate this with either banana or almonds or what else I the other thing I’ve been doing is having some cheese and a boiled egg those are like my snack ideas and then the shakes for breakfast and lunch and then uh gleaned cuisine for dinner and that’s what’s been working for me

I do a bit of working out at home…

and then I have been working out on the elliptical and I will do some different kind of squats or jumping jacks or like running in place like high knees just different things you can always search YouTube for videos I not kidding I find so many videos so many workout videos and also when I work out I do recommend if you have an iPad or a tablet or computer or a TV if you get bored of music when you’re working out I get bored so easily with music I’m just like it’s sick of the song and it just doesn’t keep me focused I’m like oh when’s the song over then I can end but if you have like a time thing like I watch vlogs normally there are about 10 to 15 minutes so if you watch two vlogs that are 15 minutes long there’s your 30 minute workout or if you watch four or sometimes vlogs or some people’s are 20 minutes long so a couple people that I watch that I would recommend to watch because their vlogs are pretty long are the ciccone Jolie’s they are an Ireland family that vlogs the Shaytards you know pretty much everyone knows who they are now their videos are normally up at night so that’s what I work out so it works for me I watch what else do i watch when I work out I’ll watch some Daily Grace I’ll watch daily bumps they’re another family who recently had a baby and they have 15 minute vlogs I watch Bama chick 1 101 they have 15 minute vlogs so there’s so many different people that you can watch and I’ll just watch even if I’m like not watching 15-minute vlogs I’ll watch people that only upload 5 minutes like Daily Grace or iJustine or something like that just I’ve totally recommend finding people that you like to watch.

Exercise For Slim Body at Home Herbalife NZ

Simone Walsh
Wellington NZ

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