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Herbalife Auckland, Oh hello people I simply love my Herbalife weight loss journey my initial weight is 65 kg and today after like 8 weeks of my Herbalife diet and around 5 weeks of my workout now my weight is 60 kg I’ve lost 5 kg.

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my body mass index has now come under normal range and each day with my diet what I do is I take this Herbalife Instant Herbal Tea drink makes 1/2 teaspoons in hot water in the morning 1/2 teaspoons which come inside this container after half an hour of shaking my energy drink I take herbalife nutritional shake makes mango flavoured 2 scoops in 250 milk then after one hour I take some fruit and in the lunch I take preferred Indian meal one Indian flatbread chapathi with one bowl of vegetable and One Bowl natal dal with one or half full of rice one bowl of curd and a little salad added.

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At 4pm start in the evening I take some fruit and then at around 5 p.m. in the evening I take a herbalife tea drink again in hot water and then I workout for around one and a half hour and after my workout I take again nutritional Shake Mix in 250 ml double tune milk but this time 3 scoops of nutritional Shake Mix. At the end of the day in the night time I take papaya for my dinner and during the day where I feel like I need energy or I feel like I need nutrients nutrients and all I take one large class of Juice without any sugar and I do take care of this thing that I don’t eat banana mango sapota chiku so here’s my result I lost 5 kgs in two months.

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Aditi Patel
Auckland NZ

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