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Hi this is my life on Herbalife and why I needed to lose weight. Actually I was on blood-pressure medicine and my doctor wanted me to go on a cholesterol and triglyceride medicine but when I read the side effects I didn’t want to go on that medicine so I started you know looking for ways of losing weight tried it on my own lost about 4kg but could not could not go any further than that I had actually done Weight Watchers several years ago I stuck with it for about three months lost 12kg but then that fell off of it and gained it all back and then some

Reduced by 25kg…

I’ve had positive results the I’ve lost over 25kg in six months all for the blood pressure medicine and I don’t need to take the cholesterol triglyceride medicine I was 265 m 204 and still going to start out with a 16 ounce bottle of water then I go down and make the my delicious protein shake

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and then I have another 16 ounce bottle of water it consists of two their formula one and formula two which is the the flavored shake and then formula two is the personal protein powder but you can have vanilla chocolate involve variations of chocolate some coffee flavors and fruit flavors there’s a multivitamin regimen system more towards like you were when you were very young multivitamins you take those three times a day and so that instead of just passing them out in one mega dose and not actually getting the benefit of the vitamins it spreads out the dosage and well I definitely recommend it because the great results I’ve had and because of the I really think it’s the easiest diet out there you don’t really have to do anything extra than that it’s but I I do have an exercise routine two to three times a week I’ll work out on an elliptical and also swimming it interferes with my lifestyle because that’s the idea first off I believe that it gradually channels you into a healthy lifestyle and when I say interfering with my lifestyle it’s because my prior lifestyle was killing me so this has interfered with that and now I’m healthier I I feel like I did when I was in my late 30s the the diet itself is easy because just drinking into the shakes I still eat a full lunch and I eat a full dinner but my morning breakfast would be the shake and then in between lunch and dinner I have another shake taking this diet I noticed that my cravings for sweets disappeared within three days my cravings for simple carbs disappeared within about a month and fruit is now my candy and the vegetables chicken meat fish you know I enjoy very much variations that you can do is blending different fruits in with the shakes especially with the vanilla you can mix strawberries peaches bananas in with it to give it to give it more flavor I would definitely recommend it it’s the easiest diet I think in the world and you’ll you know you’ll develop a healthy lifestyle as a result of it and he can buy from me directly.

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Anne Mucha
Auckland CBD

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