Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss:

Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss
“Since the age of 15 I struggled with trying to lose weight. I got called names like chubby, fatty etc from kids at school. I tried so many diets some helped a little, but I would always put the weight back on. After many frustrating years of dieting I finally tried starving herself, well that stupid idea did not last long.

All this lack of weight loss success did was put me in a really bad mood, I couldn’t concentrate and it even caused me some digestive problems. While holidaying in Christchurch I bumped into an old school mate and I could hardly recognise her. I said wow what have you done you now look so healthy and slimmer, she explained to me the Herbalife weight loss program with all the balanced nutrition. I become intrigued, and I got excited, and thought this will be so good for me I can easily do this too. As soon as I started on the Advanced Herbalife program, I experienced results almost immediately, by the 2nd day my energy was through the roof. I started at 79kg, now Iam a great looking 64kg, a 15kg weight loss, and I have reduced my waist size by 18cm.

“I encourage everyone to get started on the Herbalife products, you will be so glad you did”

Today, I never misses a morning banana shake, I start every day the Herbalife way. Iam now also physically active for the first time in a long time, I love my afternoon walk around my forest area in Auckland. I’m the opposite of who I used to be. I no longer sit on the sofa watching television for hours, and snacking. Having the energy to exercise again makes me so so good.”

Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss

herbalife nz auckland weight loss shakes
Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss

Mary Duncan

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