Herbalife NZ Fast Weight Loss:


Herbalife NZ fast weight loss:
“After many years of gradually gaining weight I was at the heaviest I’d ever been, my energy levels were so low that I would wake up each morning thinking about how soon I could get back and crawl into bed. As a nurse, instructing people every day to develop healthier lifestyles, I felt like a proper hypocrite. I wasn’t doing anything to help myself so I decided enough was enough. I searched online and discovered some great natural results from people across the world using the Herbalife regime. I thought this looks easy for me I can definately do it.

“As a qualified nurse, I was feeling like an impostor”

I wanted a Herbalife weight loss program that was quick and easy, and nutritious, that would control my appetite, and not leave me feeling hungry. I quickly discovered the products really did control my appetite, and holy moly Ive never had so much good feeling energy, in my body & mind. My results were very exciting, I began feeling more comfortable in my smaller clothes, I now had tons of energy to keep up with my young children and having a much better attitude overall. I can say that you so much trimbody distributors, your help kept me heading in the right direction every day, I had a fast 10kg weight loss, I lost the 10kg in just 9 weeks, and I lost 14cm from my waist, jeans look amazing on my slimmer body now, also my skin’s complexion is so much healthier looking, people comment I look about 5 years younger now, which does wonders for me when I hear that. Before weight: 67kg – after weight: 57kg. Tips: Get started on a program that you feel comfortable with. Get a Herbalife coach, support and guidance can really help you.”
Herbalife NZ fast weight loss:

Barbara Simpson

Herbalife NZ Fast Weight Loss
Herbalife NZ Fast Weight Loss


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