Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories:


Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories:
“For most of my life, I had no problems with my body shape and weight. The kg’s crept on slowly enough that I didn’t really notice them.

That is, until I was was at an out-of-town wedding and I had forgotten my wedding dress clothes. I went shopping, I was measured up in a dress shop, and discovered I had a 99cm waist, that was my big wake-up call. I then realised my weight gain was a real problem for me. I can remember my sister in Auckland had amazing weight reduction results with her Herbalife products many years ago, and to this day she still has her nice slim figure and glowing complexion, so I knew the Herbalife products would be great for me too, as I could see for myself the slimmer shape my sister easily achieved”

“With 2 young energised sons, losing weight was not an option, it was a very important for me.”

“I had to lose weight for my family’s sake, but I thought the process of slimming down would be much harder than it turned out to be. Just days after beginning my program of two daily mouth watering banana Herbalife shakes, I felt amazing with a great boost in my overall energy levels, I even felt more energised in my mind, definately more focussed and happy. Quickly I had the energy to chase after my 2 sons around the yard without getting short of breath. My waist slimmed by 22cm, and I’ve gone from 88kg to a nice 68kg, a weight loss of 2okg. Now my self-image, health and outlook on life are the best they have ever been, thank you so much for your care and follow up trimbody.co.nz, your help definately helped me to stay on track and turn my health and appearance right around”
Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories

“Now I know I’ll be healthy for my husband and our sons.”

Susan Mclady

Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories
Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories

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