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Hi it’s me Rosie I’m here because I wanted to share some great news with you guys because my due to family so I want to share some news with you guys I want to let you guys know tomorrow is the first day of my weight loss challenge and I’m so excited because I just became a distributor like 3 months ago um and you know I love the products they make me feel so good they’re like the best products in the whole world like I love her life like oh my god so sidebar sorry um my weight loss starts tomorrow the weight loss challenge is gonna be great and I just wanted to share that with you guys and also show you the products I’m gonna be drinking so first off its didn’t to do the tune.

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I love the shakes…

I’m going to drink I don’t know if you can see this is orange cream this is a meal replacement this is heaven you know it tastes like if you speak Spanish it tastes like Maurice Onyango like it’s like cream with like orange juice and it’s just amazing that’s the first product I bought a second flavor which has been the flavor that I’ve always been drinking since I first started the products which is cookies and cream see right here it’s just cookies and cream no no right here sorry my nail used to be done so cookies and cream cookies and cream is so delicious these are the me replacements these go along with the protein when you drink your shakes like you ate for breakfast or for the afternoon or dinner whatever however you wanna drink it then I have no protein and you can see this is such a bad camera I need to get in no one okay but this is vanilla protein and it’s so good I thought it was sorry so it’s so so it’s so good umm I don’t eat chocolate next we I’ll do a video on like what like tax and help me I want you guys to get to know me so that’s been a lot I don’t eat chocolate I’m also them a drink pro Lessa which is a fat burner and I’m a potato present so it takes away your appetite which is amazing hello and it makes you feel full and it’s like one of the best products we have it’s like its poops his life freakin lipo in a candy store like this is great like oh and then

Tea is brilliant…

I’m I have the tea which everyone’s drinks it’s like you drink it three times a day it burns 100 and 100 calories every time you drink it and it’s really good for your boost your metabolism and it tastes so good and it’s so good for you like if you’re always tired it gives you like so much energy you won’t have to like drink coffee in the morning that and amino chain amino Jen works really really really really good with like cellulose and with the polis up because we make you’re losing weight it tells your body might a visa I have a cellulose which works for water retention I’ve selective ater which is a vitamin I have Active Fibre Complex this is the cheap rail the cheap rail the cheaper the cheek tail if you’re going to eat something and you drink this pill and it like burns all the grease and befool you just say and then I have total control you can see total control works like the team it boosts your metabolism and it gives you a lot of energy sometimes I drink it I write and I forget and then I can sleep yeah sidebar sorry but you know I’m not so great so those are my products and tomorrow will be day one and I’m gonna post my weight-loss journey because you guys to join me so I want you guys to join me so I’m gonna be posting a week once a week I’m gonna try to post every Monday my way in and pictures tomorrow’s day one so I’ll do a video for you guys tomorrow and after that I’ll do it every Monday tell you how the products are working and show you for yourself but you can see I’m gonna show you cuz I believe these products are like okay anyways so I just wanted to share my Herbalife um with you guys I’m also gonna do different videos not just weight loss I want to do like some like hauls or when I wanted to reviews on products that I really like that I would recommend to you guys and that’s about it my first video my second one you know my official one has to be about Herbalife because it’s a big part of my life and I want to do two guys to get to know me and I have to get my nails done they’re horrible let me know if you have any questions about Herbalife or if you just want to lose some weight or if you just want to join me in your in a weight loss you don’t have to drink the products you can just join me okay good for the summer okay anyways bye love you my rosebud see you next week.


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