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Herbalife Shake Reviews “I will be reviewing two of herbalife products, these energising products were recommended to me by Shelby who is my manager slash nutritionist slash trainer yes Shelby is awesome and so I grabbed two of the products that she recommended to me also if you’re not familiar with Herbalife they are a company that sells weightloss nutrition products. The first product that I got was the healthy meal and this is formula 1 okay I think it’s focusing but anyway this is healthy meal formula 1 and this is the nutritional Shake Mix so this is a meal replacement and I got it in the flavor cookies and cream so this product is for weight loss and weight weight management of course with proper diet and exercise and so if you are wanting to lose weight it is recommended that you drink two of these per day and you eat one nutritious meal. Now if you are just trying to maintain your weight so committed that you drink at least one of these a day and you eat nutritious meals throughout your day.

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I love the taste of the shakes…

I got cookies and cream because I was like look honey if I’m not to be drinking these meal replacements I need them to taste good. I guess I’ll start with the pros or what I like about this product. I really like that it tastes good like the flavor is really good. I’m happy that I got cookies and cream because it almost it tastes like it like I how can I explain it it tastes like kind of like a milkshake kind of sorta. If you want to go there if you want to use your imagination kind of tastes like a milkshake. I know some people say it tastes like pancake batter but I never tasted raw pancake batter but I will say it’s kind of like a healthy milkshake I like to eat it I like to drink it at least fresh when I first make it because the cookie chips are still kind of like crispy sometimes I do make my shake like the night before or like hours before I drink it and sometimes the cookie chips in there are like kind of softening so I kind of like them crispy because it gives me that cookie taste or texture. You take two scoops of shake and then you add your eight ounces of milk per meal. I was like yeah that’s not gonna fill me up, but to my surprise it’s actually very filling. I will say on the days that I exercise is not that filling but I have to eat a little more but on the days that I’m just chilling you know I’m not really doing too much exercise it’s definitely filling and I try to eat every four hours. So I would take one of these I may eat a snack and then I would eat lunch and then I take another one of these for dinner um I do it that way just because it helps me and it kind of works with my schedule in my lifestyle. What will I say this like I said this is very filling it fills you up you can actually feel your stomach kind of expanding when you drink it it doesn’t have a powdery taste. I will say you have to really shake it up you know what I’m saying don’t just put it in there and then swish it around you got to really shake it up to get the product mixed in with whatever kind of milk you’re using. I use vanilla almond milk which is really good and yeah I mean it is this is 90 calories by itself in them with almond milk is 70 calories and so I mean it’s pretty good. I would say it’s really good for its price I heard this is possible ask me about two weeks so I’ve been using it like consistently for about a week so I mean I’m still kind of fool it smells really good as well it’s still kind of fool it’s like about half full weight so I mean it’s a really good product I would say that if you are a person who like flavor then this would be a good flavor for you of course they have other flavors but if you are someone who likes flavors and this would be good for you also if you decide to choose a vanilla or chocolate you can mix fruit in with it and make it a bomb bomber place feel like I would HIGHLY highly recommend it if you’re trying to lose weight because you know you’re drinking this and it has like all the vitamins and minerals and all of that good stuff that you need in one shape and some I was I try it out I’m still trying it out I won’t get my final review when I’m done with the product but overall this is a pretty good product yeah it has like everything in your vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D all the vitamins honey so it’s good I like it um when I first first got it like I said I was like the eight ounces could be like oh is that really going to sue me but don’t let that scare you because me I’m on the largest cone so it takes a little more to show me up then somebody who’s not as large as me so I was kind of skeptical because I’m like I’m going to be hungry and famished for the day but you know if it was me it was me I could just make sure I plan my meals properly whenever I’m drinking is so if you’re interested in this product I would definitely say give it a try try some different flavors you know put some berries in some strawberries whatever you want to put in it to make it good but I would definitely recommend it if you’re trying to lose weight or if you’re trying to maintain your weight because thus far I have seen and if it’s a difference like if I drink this and I’ll fall it’s kind of like I’m full so I can’t you know be trying to eat other step also sometimes I do snack you know after I’ve eaten this but it’s hours later so yeah I like this product and I’m probably wanna purchase I am want to purchase it again before one’s out because I want to do this throughout the summer and use this and see how my results are so I will be updating you all as I’m using this product so stay tuned so the second product that I picked up is the Cell U Loss tablets and these pills are supposed to flush all of the water audio system it’s supposed to eliminate you know the extra water weight that you carry and so you’re supposed to take this three times with each of your meals even if you’re taking the shake taking with your meal so you’re all like at first I was like it’s just kind of really working like I really didn’t tell the difference but then i’ma tell you but then I started to loaded like a mug and I didn’t know what was happening with my body because I’m still learning my body I’m still learning myself and you know it is a lot sometimes you’re gonna spit in his way by showing weight loss journey and so I’m just like okay what am I feeling bloated I had to really see anything I did eat you know some tacos on the morning we can but I was saying it was a some fish tacos it wasn’t that different like one mussels loaded let me tell you literally yesterday I went to the bathroom and like I just it pushed me out like I went to bathroom and like peed and it was like a bunch of water that came out in my stomach literally was like cramming in so once I once the water was flush out of my system I literally could feel my stomach like crunching in as if it was eating itself and it was so uncomfortable it was good for me because my abs for like working and my stomach was like like you know pretty much getting smaller and so this kind of works like this product works and I haven’t even been using this consistently but when I use it like it really works because I no you got that magic touching it what I will say about this product I don’t necessarily like how blown it makes me so I don’t like being bloated but you’re only bloated because is the water gathering in but I mean you is going to flush out your system anyway so for me it made me so bloated and it was the water in my system that this product was you know want to flush out and so yeah this part of the works like it really works so it’s a little uncomfortable for me it is because like I said I don’t like being blowed it but it’s a really good product and I like it so I will recommend this if you’re trying to lose baby fat or like that tummy area I would definitely recommend this product so those are the products that I picked up. 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Wendy Hanson
New Zealand

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