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Herbalife Store NZ, Hi Iam excited to talk about Herbalife and how it’s helped me lose weight and so I’m pretty excited about that and also maybe to reach out to people that are you know having difficult difficulties losing weight not just people that are overweight but also people that have illnesses people that have had health issues me personally I’ve had a lot of health issues and a lot of people don’t know that about me so I’m gonna go ahead and share that with you guys I also want to get into just how the products helped me and also you know how to use it I’m gonna go ahead and put up some pictures maybe that will help you guys and of course if you guys have any questions please ask me I’d be happy to answer your questions and of course if I don’t know it I will find out and I will make sure I am I you address those so I’m gonna go ahead and just show you just little basics of just how to make a shake or um some of the products I used to make a shake maybe later on I can show you on how to make it how to make a really good shake and so you could enjoy it so of course this is the formula one and the formula

herbalife store nz

maybe your flavor and also of course all your vitamins this one is vanilla and this one is great because you it’s it’s pretty much the basic to start out with this one you could make a lot of recipes with and we encourage everybody to start with vanilla and then go forward with other flavors so and so two scoops of this one and this is your protein and you do one scoop of this for your shake now it’s pretty cool because it already comes with your little measurement so you’re not having to guess about how much product you’re using protein that is for your shake and this is the teeth energizer everyone loves this it’s um also it’s a great for boosting your metabolism love it and this is in peach I’ve pretty much tried all the flavors they have tons of different other flavors and um the aloe vera which I don’t have I forgot and I’ll go ahead and put a picture of just some of that stuff that I use now just to get into a little bit about why I chose Herbalife

Herbalife products really helped me lose weight with rheumatoid arthritis…

and and how I helped me lose about 10kg now I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 21 and in that span of time I had my daughter and my arthritis went into remission once I became pregnant and and you know what’s nursing and what not and it was in remission for about two years or two and a half years and I know my arthritis was gonna come back at some point so I was getting pretty comfortable not having arthritis I was you know a little more active of course you know I was maintaining my way and I was totally fine and just last year I ended up getting you know my arthritis came back and it didn’t just come back it came back with other illnesses I was not expecting any nobody likes change so it would hit me really hard I was diagnosed with thyroid disease I was also diagnosed with a heart murmur and I was also diagnosed with carpal tunnel so you could just imagine how how difficult it was to accept all of this stuff happening so fast and I know something else was wrong besides just having arthritis so it took some months to figure everything out and I was going through going to a lot of doctors to try to figure this out you know you know you have to know your body and I know that was something else wrong so um you know we what it that all that handled but at the same time I was in so much pain and mad and depressed because I didn’t expect it to be so severe and in that time I um I had gained so much weight with all this stuff going on I gained so much weight and you know I started thinking I’m like I have to get control of this I mean what am I going to do and that’s why I turned to Herbalife to help me out and it’s more of a natural product I was also already taking so many medications that um you know kind of put me down had me depressed and I didn’t want to take anything that was gonna harm me so I went ahead and I of course spoke to my doctor and gave me the okay to take the products and so it again is it’s not a cure for what you may have but it could help you reach your goals that can help you be healthier it can help you you know just just be more energized you know especially for those that have a busy schedule or have little ones I have to run around for so so that’s about that’s my story and how it really helped me um you know I said before and after you could really tell you know my weight loss so you know if you have any questions if you know if you know other people that may have illnesses and that have gained a lot of weight and aren’t able to get it off because they aren’t able to exercise because they’re not able to be active because it have pain you know let them know that there there could be help you know if you have like I said if you have any questions please let me know if you’d like to get started if you you know have a busy schedule I’ll work with you again thank you so much for watching I hope this helps I’ll be coming back and showing you guys how I prepare my shake and how my schedule looks like but please if you have any questions please let me know thank you so much you have a great day thank you so much bye you”

Cindy Ammons
New Zealand

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