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“Herbalife Tea NZ Hey guys some more hey guys let’s pick a here and hello, hope everyone’s having a fantastic and wonderful week I don’t know why but today I’m super hyper I’m just excited I don’t know why and he just can control it so just bear with me and my craziness today but I wanted to let you know how you can burn 80-100 calories without actually exercising or doing any kind of workout this is Herbalife so let’s just talk about the product that I drink every day so this is just a tea and I have it in my water bottle so this is it looks like this.

So Delicious…

and it’s delicious mmm I love it so much but this is the actual product it’s my whole life I am a seller I’m a distributor if that’s what anyway this is supposed to boost your metabolism and help you feel so refreshed and gives you energy if this comes in different flavors I have the Original flavour, it also comes in Peach and Cinnamon, wow yummy.

herbalife tea nz
herbalife tea nz

This is one of the best product, is it has caffeine in it so it jump-starts our metabolism and helps you burn 80 to 100 calories a day it is low-calorie and you can drink two cups a day hot or cold I used to drink hot on cold weather it’s still kind of cold but I start drinking it just in room temperature or at I fold beverages and it just helps me feel refreshed and just realized and I do burn 80-100 calories a day probably more than hundred because I drink two of these gigantic bottles of this this is how the product looks like it’s just brown powder but it turns into a delicious green tea and you can just leave it like this as it is or just put lemon on it but I just drink out so thinking at this tape my Herbalife for the past month I have noticed significant shrinkage in my belly and I know this supposed to help boost our metabolism and burn calories without even doing anything or moving your body

I love the belly fat I have lost…

I have noticed a significant amount on how much belly fat I have lost a little bit so I will show you guys that in a minute and this has 100 grams of product in here and you only need half of teaspoon and that is all I absolutely love this dear I adore this tea and I just love the products from harbor life in general and it’s just one of my favorite teas I do love green teas as well we do have green teas for hydration I’m going to order that one because I just forget but this is one of my Holy Grail products to drink we don’t even have to go to the gym it’s just incredible and I love it.”

herbalife tea nz weight loss women

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Herbalife Tea NZ

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