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Natural Weight Loss Tablets Herbalife NZ “Were invited to a friend’s wedding. And being in our 40’s we were a little amused that we were included in their bridal party. At a whopping 96kg it was not easy for me to make a bridesmaid dress look good. I was very embarrassed with my overweight size in front of everyone at the wedding. Two weeks after the wedding I said to myself that’s it Iam going to lose all this excess weight. I was also looking for a work from home income opportunity so I could make money and look after Read More

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Herbalife NZ Distributor Near Me Contact Buy “I had many failed attempts to lose weight over about 20 years. I would try every diet that came out. Diets I tried would usually leave me feeling hungry and lacking energy. . I thought I was destined to be overweight for the rest of my life. I first heard about Herbalife at a business opportunity meeting, I was at the meeting as I wanted to earn some extra cash on the side. I saw all these people jumping up and down with excitement at their results with kg’s lost and with energy Read More

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Herbalife NZ Buy Products Online “I maintained a good level of health for most of my life. After having my two children I found it hard to lose weight. I had cravings for sweet food, food that was high in calories. I tried diet after diet. I’d exercise and go running, and only seem to knock off a few kg’s. I kept on the look out for a healthy way to get slim again. I wanted a method that did not require too much exercise. And something that would give me some good energy. A friend of mine was telling Read More

Herbalife NZ Before After Success Stories

Herbalife NZ Before After Success Stories “I used to describe myself as a chocoholic, I often gave in to my strong sweet tooth more as time went on. I was sluggish and lethargic, and most afternoons would take little sleeps to get me through my day. At 92kg and getting heavier, my husband was getting worried about my health. I thought I will start on the fastest weight loss program the Ultimate program. I was amazed with my progress right from my first few days, definately more energy, and I no longer needed any afternoon naps. I lost 5kg in Read More

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Buy Weight Loss Programs Products Herbalife NZ “I had an important 30 year school reunion approaching in 6 months time, and I was not happy with my overweight unhealthy appearance. So I spent a lot of my thinking on getting myself slim and looking great for this up coming important event. I mean I don’t want to look ballooned up and chubby for my former class mates to see, I want to look like a picture of health, a winner. In my teens at high school I was nice and slim, over the following years my weight and confidence were Read More

How To Lose Weight Fast Herbalife NZ

How To Lose Weight Fast Herbalife NZ “When I started my slimming journey I met up with my Herbalife coach at my local cafe. We chatted and hit it off, he understood my situation with my health goals. I was a big heavy sluggish 90kg, this was the heaviest I had ever been. When I sat with my coach it felt like I was in a confession booth, revealing all my over eating sins, lol. My kilo gain was getting me down, I was lethargic, and was finding it hard to get motivated about anything. I said to my coach Read More

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Herbalife NZ Auckland Distributor Member Contact Buy “At 125kg I often often found myself exhausted, just going for a small walk to the letter box or walking up a short flight of stairs would leave me finding it hard to breathe. I was stressed, I had high blood pressure, and suffered from several other disorders. But what definately worried me far more was my doctor told me if I did not get my weight down by at least 20k – 30kg I could die at an early age. That was really a wake up call for me, and got me Read More

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Herbalife Safe Breastfeeding Pregnancy: “The Herbalife balanced nutrition I received during my pregnancy and with my breastfeeding was truely amazing. I was having lunch with a uni friend and she was telling me about her energy and slimming results with Herbalife, which got me really interested & intrigued. I began using the Herbalife protein shakes back in 2014, I started with the fat burning tea and meal replacement diet shakes . I had 2 teas per day and one yummy fruit smoothie for breakfast. Within the first day I felt an exciting energy boost. In December 2014 I fell pregnant, Read More

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Weight Loss Shakes Herbalife NZ: “At 20 years of age I was an outgoing young woman with my whole life ahead of me. But instead of enjoying my life at 134kg I found doing most things hard to do and frustrating. Even simple tasks like getting in and out my car was slow and difficult. I was knocked back on my job applications, and was unable to simple enjoyable things like going on a show ride with my young son. “I heard the Herbalife testimonials online, and I was very excited with what I heard.” “I was looking for an Read More

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Herbalife NZ fast weight loss: “After many years of gradually gaining weight I was at the heaviest I’d ever been, my energy levels were so low that I would wake up each morning thinking about how soon I could get back and crawl into bed. As a nurse, instructing people every day to develop healthier lifestyles, I felt like a proper hypocrite. I wasn’t doing anything to help myself so I decided enough was enough. I searched online and discovered some great natural results from people across the world using the Herbalife regime. I thought this looks easy for me Read More

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