Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss:

Herbalife NZ Auckland Weight Loss “Since the age of 15 I struggled with trying to lose weight. I got called names like chubby, fatty etc from kids at school. I tried so many diets some helped a little, but I would always put the weight back on. After many frustrating years of dieting I finally tried starving herself, well that stupid idea did not last long. All this lack of weight loss success did was put me in a really bad mood, I couldn’t concentrate and it even caused me some digestive problems. While holidaying in Christchurch I bumped into Read More

Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories:

Herbalife NZ Weight Loss Success Stories: “For most of my life, I had no problems with my body shape and weight. The kg’s crept on slowly enough that I didn’t really notice them. That is, until I was was at an out-of-town wedding and I had forgotten my wedding dress clothes. I went shopping, I was measured up in a dress shop, and discovered I had a 99cm waist, that was my big wake-up call. I then realised my weight gain was a real problem for me. I can remember my sister in Auckland had amazing weight reduction results with Read More

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